Stefanos Tsitsipas sends out ATP Cup warning as Greece ‘hungrier than anyone else’

Australian Open: Stefanos Tsitsipas reacts to victory over Nadal

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Stefanos Tsistipas has sent out a warning to his ATP Cup opponents, admitting he believes ‘Greece are hungrier than anyone else’ to take home the title in Sydney.

The world No. 4 will head down under alongside his Greek teammates in the hope of securing the ATP Cup title for the very first time, and Tsitsipas believes the ‘hunger’ of his young team is what will help them prevail.

Ahead of this week’s tournament the 23-year-old said: “Greece is known to excel in team events, such as football and basketball, so it’s in our nature. 

“We love playing team events, and that’s where we leave the best out of ourselves on court. 

“I think we have a team of young players that are just hungrier than anyone else. That’s what makes us kind of stand out and we have so much energy starting next week.”

Tsitsipas is no doubt the star man in this youthful Greek setup, having climbed up to fourth in the world rankings, thanks to an impressive 2021 that saw him clinch his best ever Grand Slam finish after losing the French Open final to Novak Djokovic.

As well as his own ability though, the world No. 4 has plenty of faith in the rest of his teammates’ skill, and their passion of representing their nation at the top level.

He commented: “I have faith in my team. I think we can sort it out in two matches [and] not have to go all the way to three [in each tie].

“For each and every single one of us representing Greece on an ATP Cup level just means a lot. 

“I know there are plenty of Greek-Australians that are going to go wild watching us play.”

The man who will be leading Greece in the ATP Cup is Tsitsipas’ dad Apostolos, who has taken the reins as team captain.

And like his son the 57-year-old is optimistic ahead of the event opener on Saturday.

“It’s going to be a beautiful experience for us,” commented Tsitsipas Snr.

“The players already have the experience, having [played in] the previous years [and] playing difficult matches.”

“It’s always an honour to play for your country, and I’m sure a lot of Greeks are watching us.”

It seems it is a family affair in Sydney for the Greeks this week, as Apostolos’ son, and Stefanos’ brother Petros will also be representing his country in the national setup.

Like his father and sibling, the 21-year-old is also looking forward to playing for his native country on the world stage and competing as a team.

He said: “It’s a great tournament, [a] great atmosphere. The fans are really involved with the players… It’s a great opportunity to be as a team, just enjoy and give our best.”

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