Novak Djokovic’s immediate astounded response to having his Australian visa cancelled

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Novak Djokovic found it ‘shocking’ that his visa to enter Australia was being cancelled just hours after he arrived in the country last week and maintained that he had done everything asked of him before touching down at Melbourne Airport. The Serbian ace is Down Under to defend his Australian Open title but it is still unclear whether he will get the opportunity to do so.

Djokovic was held by Australian Border Force after arriving in the country and was then told by officials that his vaccination medical exemption was invalid and his visa would therefore not stand.

According to the official transcript, the 34-year-old was initially interviewed at 12.21am, shortly after landing.

After a pause in proceedings, the interview then recommenced just before 4am, with Djokovic clearly shocked by what he was hearing.

“I don’t understand, you’re cancelling my visa,” Djokovic exclaimed.

“I am really failing to understand – what else do you want me to provide to you? I have provided all the documents that Tennis Australia and Victorian government have asked me to in the last three, four weeks.

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“Whatever they asked us to do. This is their set of rules that they have provided.”

The official then told Djokovic he would have just 20 minutes to provide information which would allow him to keep his visa but said the player could apply for more time.

And the 20-time Grand Slam winner insisted there was nothing he could do in such a limited timeframe.

“So you’re giving me legally 20 minutes to try to provide additional information that I don’t have,” Djokovic responded.

“At 4 o’clock in the morning? I mean you kind of put me in a very awkward position where at four in the morning I can’t call director of Tennis Australia, I can’t engage with anybody from the Victorian state government through Tennis Australia.


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“You put me in a very uncomfortable position. I don’t know what else can I tell you. Everything that I was asked to do is here.

“And I wouldn’t be here sitting in front of you if I wasn’t complying to all the rules and regulations set by your government.

“To me it is a little bit shocking that you are going to give me the notice to cancel my visa based on what?

“You’re giving me 20 minutes to do what? I tell you right away I have nothing else to tell you.

“If you can, we wait for eight in the morning and then I can call Tennis Australia and then we can try and figure this out.

“But right now? They’re all sleepy – I don’t know. I don’t know what else I can do at this moment. I know legally you’re following – but it just doesn’t make any sense.

“I have done everything I possibly can. Right now I can call my agent. You told me not to use my phone, so I’m not communicating with anybody – no one knows what’s going on.

“And then you’re telling me I have 20 minutes before you make a final call.”

Djokovic was eventually moved to a state-run immigration facility on Thursday before winning an appeal against the decision to cancel his visa four days later.

But there is still no guarantee he will play next week, with the Australian government seemingly still appearing determined to deport him.

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