Novak Djokovic is ‘fighting a losing cause’ and won’t be allowed to play, says Magee

Novak Djokovic ‘made situation worse’ says Jo Durie

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Sports journalist Aidan Magee claimed that Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open race may already be run before he even sets foot on the blue hardcourt.

Mr Magee said it doesn’t bode well for the fallen tennis hero to participate in this year’s Grand Slam as he is “fighting a lost cause”.

Mr Djokovic was denied entry into Australia at Melbourne airport on Thursday and is being detained in a quarantine hotel even though he set off believing that he had an “exemption permission” which would have turned a blind eye to his unvaccinated status.

Mr Djokovic”s case has set tons of tongues around the world wagging with fans reportedly prepared to boycott the tournament if he is given special treatment.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Magee said: “I think he is fighting a losing cause.

“He is there now and I don’t believe he would have gone on the pretext of blagging his way in.

“It’s not the sort of country you can blag into because their immigration laws are quite strict.


Novak Djokovic faces being detained again even if he wins appeal to play Australian Open

“I think he genuinely believed he was in there and he was able to compete but I don’t see it ending well for him”.

Mr Djokovic is currently ranked as the best tennis player in the world and winning the Australian Open for a tenth time, by leaving both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in their wake with a 21st Grand Slam trophy, could further cement his legendary status as one of the greatest of all time.

Reluctant to throw in the towel, the Serbian ace is still clinging to a glimmer of hope with his lawyers working relentlessly to see him feature at the Rod Laver Arena.

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Mr Magee added: “There’s been a bit of a development, the Australian government applied to have the hearing delayed by 48 hours.

 “It was gonna happen on Monday and now they want it to happen on Wednesday, Djokovic’s team are apparently are fine with that.

“It gives them more time to forget [and] don’t forget they’ve known they’re going to court since last Thursday.

“But since then it has been the weekend where there is no activity, so they are given more time.


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“I think it’s probably counterproductive for Djokovic and a good thing in totality that he’s been rejected by the judge because that takes us to January the 12th, that’s if it’s resolved that day but it could be going into a second day, that’s four days before the tournament starts!”

But most advantages have disadvantages, as time is running out for Mr Djokovic to quit the quarantine hotel and get ready for the start of the tournament.

A lack of training is detrimental to his hopes of retaining the title.

So even if he is to be given the go-ahead and take part, he may not be at his irresistible best and ruffle many feathers during the tournament, Mr Magee suggested.

He said: This is a high-octane, highly demanding time.

“No, not at all [enough time to get prepared], he is up against Nadal, he is up against loads of other people who can potentially take that crown.

“He is at the top of the tree, the one looking down.

“This is high-level, elite sport and I don’t think it’s gonna end well for Novak Djokovic”


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