Fans claim Roger Federer plays under different rules to Novak Djokovic

Now Roger Federer gets dragged into the Novak Djokovic row! Fans claim the 20-time Grand Slam winner plays under different rules as video emerges of him hitting a ball boy 14 years ago… and NOT being punished

  • Tennis fans were stunned after Novak Djokovic was disqualified from US Open
  • He came under huge scrutiny after striking line judge Laura Clark in the throat
  • However, fans have now dragged Roger Federer into the dramatic Djokovic saga 
  • Some claim Federer would have got away with it if he was in Djokovic’s shoes

Roger Federer has been dragged into the dramatic Novak Djokovic saga just days after the Serbian was controversially defaulted from the US Open. 

The world No 1 was booted out of the Grand Slam in dramatic fashion when he swiped a ball to the back of the court angrily, only for it inadvertently to strike Kentucky-based official Laura Clark in the throat.

The line judge fell to the floor and after consultation with the referee, officials determined they had no option but to disqualify Djokovic. 

World No 1 Novak Djokovic was disqualified after hitting the line judge at the US Open 

Djokovic inadvertently struck Kentucky-based official Laura Clark in the throat at US Open

But days on from the controversial incident, fans have been quick to slam the decision to disqualify Djokovic – claiming 20-time Grand Slam winner Federer wouldn’t have faced the same punishment if he was in the Serbian’s shoes.

Federer was involved in a similar incident 14 years ago at the Australian Open when he accidentally hit a ball boy.

After his first serve was called out, Federer swung his racket behind his back and inadvertently hit the ball boy at the side of the net.

The Swiss tennis star didn’t receive a code violation and the situation was laughed off, including by the ball boy, at the time.

However, fans have since brought that incident back up as they have been comparing it to the Djokovic saga.

Swiss tennis star Federer struck a ball boy accidentally at the Australian Open 14 years ago

Federer swung his racket from behind before hitting the ball boy (circled in yellow) 

The incident involving Federer back in 2006 was laughed off by everyone court-side

The ball boy from that day wrote on Twitter: ‘2020: @DjokerNole hits line umpire…disqualified from the US Open. 2006: @rogerfederer does a trick shot and hits me…says ‘you got to be ready’ and has a chuckle.

‘It’s been 14 tough years, Roger, is it time for an apology?’

Meanwhile, another tennis fan simply said: ‘If Federer did what Djokovic did he wouldn’t be disqualified. The ATP hates to see Djokovic win.’

Another wrote: ‘I’m not the biggest Djokovic fan but I would 100% agree that there was no anger or malice in that incident. 

‘I can’t believe the extent of his punishment. I also agree that had that been Federer it would have been a totally different outcome.’

Meanwhile, only two weeks ago at the Southern & Western Open – which Djokovic won – Aljaz Bedene accidentally struck a cameraman after hitting the ball away in frustration.

The ball boy that was struck by Federer tweets after Djokovic was disqualified 

Tennis fans were quick yo drag Federer into the argument after Djokovic’s controversial saga

Bedene immediately apologised but the tournament official was called out to judge whether he should have been defaulted.

Fortunately for Bedene, he wasn’t – receiving just a code violation instead.

And following that recent incident and Djokovic’s disqualification, fans still found a way to bring Federer’s name into it.

One fan wrote on social media: ‘Good job guys, nice to see no.1 had the same treatment. I just hope he never plays here again. 

‘I just wonder what decision would be if Federer was in this situation? @DjokerNole.’

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