Andy Murray expects tennis to be one of the last sports to return following coronavirus pandemic

Andy Murray says tennis will be one of the last sports to return to action after the world has recovered from the coronavirus pandemic.

The tennis season has been suspended since March and the hiatus will continue at least until mid-July, playing havoc with the schedule and depriving lower-level players, who depend solely on tournament winnings, of the chance to earn a living.

“I would imagine tennis would be one of the last sports to get back to normality because you’ve obviously got players and coaches and teams coming from all over the world into one area,” the former world No 1 told CNN.

“I would be surprised if they were back playing sport by September-time,” Murray added.

The 32-year-old Brit, who recovered from hip surgery last year to win the Antwerp title in October, was targeting a return to the tour at the Miami Open in March after completing his rehabilitation from another hip injury.

Europe and the United States have been hard hit by the virus with tens of thousands of people dying across both continents.

The French Open was moved to September 20-October 4 from its traditional May start while the Wimbledon championships, set to begin in late June, were cancelled.

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