Moeen Ali digs out Alistair Cook AGAIN over his coaching credentials

Is that ANOTHER dig by Moeen Ali to Alistair Cook? England all-rounder appears to hit out at former captain again as he hints he doesn’t ‘have the empathy to be a coach… days after slamming his leadership skills on air

  • Moeen Ali appeared to make another dig at Alistair Cook on BT Sport duty
  • The pair were involved in an awkward exchange this week over Cook’s captaincy
  • On Thursday, Ali hinted that Cook does not ‘have the empathy’  to be a coach
  • Ali also predicted that England one-day skipper Eoin Morgan will not be a coach 

Moeen Ali appeared to make another dig at  Alistair Cook on BT Sport punditry duty – as he hinted the former England captain would not make a good coach in the future.

Former England team-mates Ali and Cook were involved in an awkward exchange on air earlier this week, when the former criticised the latter’s captaincy skills and man management on Test duty.

And ahead of the rain-delayed third day of the fourth Ashes Test in Sydney, Ali appeared to point at Cook when claiming that some players ‘don’t have the empathy’ to be coach.  

Moeen Ali (left) appeared to hit out at Alistair Cook (right) yet again on BT Sport duty

Ali claimed that Cook ‘doesn’t have the empathy to be a coach’ while pointing at him

When asked if there are players in the current England set-up who could coach in the future, Ali told BT: ‘Yeah I think so, there are a couple of guys who could potentially be a good coach, somebody who could go that way.

‘But there are also some guys who you think: “Coaching’s not for them. He hasn’t got the patience for it, the empathy for it”‘ – after which point Ali gestured his hand towards Cook on the BT Sport sofa. 

Former England captain Cook then interrupted Ali by saying: ‘Just another dig,’ a statement which Ali appeared to agree with. 

Former England captain Cook claimed that Ali’s latest outburst was ‘just another dig’ at him

Ali then claimed he does not see England’s one-day captain Eoin Morgan going into coaching, but did say he would be a good mentor.

‘I don’t, for example, see someone like Morgs (going into coaching),’ Ali added. ‘I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a good coach, I just don’t see him doing that. 

‘I think he’d be a good mentor for a team. But someone like Chris Jordan, who does a bit of everything, I think he would be a good coach. He has that personality in the dressing room where everyone trusts him.’

Earlier this week, Ali was defending Joe Root’s England captaincy but then changed his tune when comparing it to Cook’s leadership skills. 

Earlier this week, Moeen (left) took aim at Cook’s (right) man-management skills on BT duty

The all-rounder said: ‘Rooty has more of an emotional attachment with the players, he spends more time with the players.’ 

That prompted a shocked Cook to ask: ‘Are you just criticising my captaincy?’

Ali responded: ‘I am a little bit, yeah. They’re both very different. I did do better with the bat under Cooky but with the ball I was better with Rooty.’

Cook, whose record of 59 Tests in charge of England has just been surpassed by current captain Root, replied: ‘I have to say I never dropped Mo. So he might criticise me but I never dropped him. How many times did Rooty drop you?’

BT Sport’s Matt Smith was left bemused by both awkward encounters between Ali and Cook

Ali hit back and said: ‘That’s true but he also batted me from one to nine in my first year of international cricket.’

Cook then aimed his own dig at his colleague, saying: ‘I was giving him a chance. I couldn’t work whether he was a tail-ender or an opening batsman so I was trying to find the perfect role.’

Sensing the pair had more to get off their chest, host Matt Smith invited his studio guests to air any further grievances.

Moeen said: ‘To go back to my point, Rooty was a little bit more involved with the players, in my opinion. Not that Cooky didn’t care but I think Rooty is a bit more ‘arm over the shoulder’ kind of guy.’

 Ali (right) claimed Joe Root was more involved with his players than predecessor Cook (left)

Cook added: ‘I’m not sure how to take this anymore. I’ve just come back from a nice holiday and I’ve walked straight into Moeen Ali off his long run.’

During Thursday night’s BT Sport coverage, fans revelled in yet another awkward moment between the two England cricket icons on air.

One fan tweeted: ‘I’ve not napped to watch 2010 highlights ffs…I’d rather watch moeen Ali and sir cookie digging each other #Ashes’

Cricket fans could not hide their joy at watching another awkward moment between the pair

Another said: ‘I’m getting the feeling that Moeen Ali and Alastair Cook actually hate each other’

One supporter added: ‘You get the feeling that Cook wants to beat up Moeen on that BT Sport sofa’

Meanwhile, one fan said: ‘Matt smith doing his level best to make the cook and moeen Ali situation even more awkward than it actually is #btsportcricket #Ashes’

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