ECB release statement on Ashes tour after talks with uncertain England stars

The ECB have released an update on England 's plans for the Ashes this winter, with players concerned about Australia 's strict coronavirus protocol.

In a statement, the ECB revealed that they will make a decision over "whether the conditions in place are sufficient for the Tour to go ahead" later this week.

The statement reads: "Over the weekend we have been talking to England men’s players and management to provide them with the latest information about the proposed arrangements for this winter’s scheduled Ashes tour.

"We remain in regular and positive dialogue with Cricket Australia over these arrangements as the picture is constantly evolving.

"With health and wellbeing at the forefront, our focus is to ensure the tour can go ahead with conditions for players and management to perform at their best.

"We will continue talking to our players this week to share the latest information and seek feedback.

"Later this week the ECB Board will meet to decide whether the conditions in place are sufficient for the Tour to go ahead and enable the selection of a squad befitting a series of this significance."

Australia has some of the most strict restrictions in the world right now and there are doubts about whether the player's families will be able to accompany them, something which would prove a sticking point for some of England's multi-format stars.

Jos Buttler, for example, has already said he "wouldn't be comfortable" playing in both the T20 World Cup and the Ashes this winter if it meant that he would not be able to see his family.

He said: "For myself, if I had to do a World Cup and an Ashes – four, five months without seeing my family – I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that.

"We’re still waiting for more information, hopefully in the next few days there’ll be more. As soon as you get that it makes it easier to know what decision you’re making.

"The ECB and Cricket Australia will be working very hard together to make it as good as possible. It’s tough to make a decision when you don’t have all the answers.

"In Covid times, there is always going to be some sort of question that is difficult to answer. It could be changeable, it would be naive not to say so in the times we’re living in, but you want to go there with as many assurances as possible.

"I am trying to get as much information as I can, I know it sounds boring saying that, but I can’t really say anything else."

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