Unvaccinated Premier League players may be forced to isolate

Unvaccinated Premier League players could face up to 10 DAYS of isolation after Champions League and international games played abroad under new government plans seeking to toughen up on exemptions

  • Premier League CEO Richard Masters has warned clubs of tougher restrictions
  • Culture Minister Nadine Dorries considering toughening up on exemptions
  • Change in rule could force clubs to leave unvaxxed players out of games abroad
  • New proposals could also impact England manager Gareth Southgate 

Unvaccinated Premier League players could be forced to isolate for 10 days on their return from Champions League and international fixtures abroad under new rules being considered by Culture Minister Nadine Dorries.

The toughening up on exemptions for the minority of sports stars who have refused to be vaccinated comes as Premier League chief executive Richard Masters wrote to clubs last week informing them that the league was ‘exploring the potential of additional measures relating to as yet unvaccinated players and staff’.

If the Government changes the rules for so-called ‘sporting bubbles’ it would mean clubs having to leave unvaccinated players out of foreign games, or Gareth Southgate not being able to pick them for England games abroad. 

Richard Masters has warned Premier League clubs unvaccinated players face tougher rules

The Premier League reported 94 positive cases among players and staff this week

Or, if they did play, clubs would have to accept that the unvaccinated player would then miss ten days’ worth of games and training.

That would be a huge incentive for clubs to encourage players to be fully vaccinated. 

The latest figures show that 16 per cent of Premier League players and 25 per cent of EFL players have yet to have any vaccine.

Around 16 percent of Premier League players are still to be vaccinated against Covid-19

At present, any member of the public who returns to the UK from abroad and who is not vaccinated is required to isolate for 10 days. 

However, sportsmen and women, as part of a ‘sporting bubble’, can attend training and play in matches during that period even if they are unvaccinated.

Sporting exemptions were deemed necessary before vaccines were widely available, but now they are the Government is not convinced that sports stars should be treated differently.

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