Tino Asprilla’s energy drink ‘suspended’ by food chiefs after "sexual" promise

Colombia's National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute has ruled that the sale of former Newcastle striker Tino Asprilla's new energy drink should be suspended.

Asprilla, who scored 18 goals for the north-east club across 61 fixtures after joining from Parma in 1996, called time on his professional career back in 2004 and has since stumbled into financial difficulties.

Despite feeling positive about the release of a new energy drink under the banner of his Tino Products, Colombia's food surveillance institute have found it to be in breach of health regulations.

The beverage, which is said to include borojo, aloe vera and chontaduro among other ingredients, is said to have been in breach of rules having been promoted as a "sexual enhancer".

Colombia's National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute, known as INVIMA, tweeted on Monday: "In IVC actions, the fraudulent commercialisation of this product was identified, in breach of health regulations, by promoting the food as an energy drink."

With the full report mentioning the promotion of the product as an "energising drink with effects as a sexual enhancer" as a breach of rules.

As reported by W Radio, Asprilla has also released a range of condoms among other items, but his new venture has been recommend for suspension with those in possession of it told not to drink it.

They add that the 52-year-old had recently revealed that he is facing financial difficulties over amounting debt, and had planned to accept a payment agreement with his creditors.

Asprilla said in response to the INVIMA statement: "It was a surprise for me, because the people I associated with are the ones responsible for getting the health permits.

"I need that to be solved, because it is my image."

During his playing career, Asprilla scored a total of 137 goals across 409 club appearances, making a further 57 appearances for Colombia and scoring twice.

Asprilla is remembered for his off-field antics as well as his ability in front of goal, and once appeared on the cover of Colombian men's magazine SoHo wearing nothing but a pair of angel wings.

He also once hired a porn star to attend his 50th birthday party, as well as during down an approach to film porn back in 2013.

The Sun reported in 2018 that Asprilla had been offered £6,500 by producers in his native Colombia for a one-week deal, but turned the offer down.

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