Shearer says grilling Premier League managers and players on ESL "clearly wrong"

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Alan Shearer insists it is “clearly wrong” that Premier League managers and players are being forced to field questions from the press about the proposed European Super League.

European football was rocked to its core when 12 leading clubs confirmed they are planning to break away and form their own Super League late on Sunday night.

The news has been met with fierce criticism and outrage throughout the continent, given the founding members of the project will be guaranteed a place in the league year on year regardless of sporting achievements.

Liverpool are one of the 12 clubs involved, and on Monday night manager Jurgen Klopp and vice-captain James Milner were subjected to difficult questions from the media before and after their Premier League clash with Leeds.

Klopp, who criticised the idea of a Super League back in 2019, admitted his stance on the proposal has not changed, while Milner also expressed his opposition to the plans.

However, Shearer does not believe they should have been put in the position to answer questions in the first place.

When asked what power the fans have in preventing the Super League from happening, the Newcastle legend said on BBC Breakfast: “They have a lot of power, they’ve proved that in the past when the fans have spoken. At times they have listened. Let’s hope they listen to this.

“I do have my doubts and it’s hugely worrying for us all, but I think when you look at the reaction ever since this was announced, after 11 o’clock on Sunday evening you could hear and see and feel the anger from almost everyone in football.

“You can even see the managers talking last night, the players talking last night, captains of these huge football clubs having to face a really awkward situation.

“They’re being paid by that football club, but having to come out and talk against what their owners are wanting to do, that is clearly wrong also.

“[Klopp] was in a really difficult situation last evening, but he said as much as he could say.

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  • “He made his feelings clear on the European Super League over a year ago, didn’t he, when he said he didn’t want it. He also said again last night that he doesn’t want it.

    “He is a powerful voice and I’m sure that he will tell his owners what he thinks.

    “[But] it’s not fair on him having been put in that situation last night. It’s not fair on the captain being put in that situation, to come out to the media to try and explain what they don’t like.

    “Where are these owners? Why don’t they come out and face the media and tell us why they’ve done it, why they want a closed shop that no one else can get into?”

    When asked if the English teams involved should be banned from the Premier League, Shearer said: “Yeah, why not?

    “The Super League have chucked a grenade at the Premier League and chucked a grenade to everyone else. Well, chuck one back. Ban them. Ban them immediately if you can.

    “And if you can, and I’m sure they’ll look at every legal angle, do it."

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