Serie A player subbed 10 minutes after coming on because of wardrobe malfunction

Spezia striker M'Bala Nzola made one of the worst appearances in football history as he was subbed off 10 minutes after coming on due to a wardrobe malfunction.

Nzola was introduced in the second half of his side's Serie A clash with Inter Milan on Friday (April 15) evening. It was hoped he could find a leveller with the reigning Italian champions 1-0 to the good.

However, shortly after the change the referee spotted the 25-year-old was wearing a large earring in his left ear and ordered him to leave the field of play. Sounds like a simple problem to solve, right?

It seemed not for Nzola, who fiddled with the item of jewellery for several minutes on the sideline without being able to remove it. Some of the Spezia coaching staff also had a go without any success.

With his team temporarily down to 10 men and the clock ticking down, manager Thiago Motta was forced to make his fifth and final substitution to bring Nzola off.

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While that restored the match to 11v11, Inter scored three minutes later to double their lead, eventually winning 3-1. Former PSG midfielder Motta wasn't happy and refused to discuss the debacle afterwards.

He said: "I'm happy with the game the boys played. I prefer to talk about the team than about this episode. The group is our strength."

Spezia remain comfortably above the relegation zone for now in 15th place with five matches of the season to go.

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