Russia’s most dangerous hooligan says there’s one way to avoid being beaten up

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FC Oroyol isn't the biggest name in Russian football; their crowning achievement is a quarter-final appearance in the Russian cup in the late 90s.

However, their fans – the Orel Butchers – are notorious, particularly for English fans who were in Marseille during Euro 2016, five years ago.

The Butchers claimed to be at the centre of the violence which marred the England Russia clash – the pairs opening game of the tournament – in the French port city.

The incident sparked fear, with the 2018 World Cup being hosted in Russia, that more violence would occur when England travelled east.

And speaking to the BBC, as part of a Panorama documentary, the Butchers were more than happy to play up to the fear.

"Somebody will, obviously, try to do something; that is like 100% guaranteed," the leader of the firm began.

However, the interviewer quickly interjected: "How would you not get beaten up?"

The Butcher laughed before saying: "Well, I don't know…maybe if you have a family and children around you, or something.

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"I mean if you are there with your male friend, you should calculate getting your a** kicked."

The threat of violence was heightened before the tournament kicked off in Moscow, however, thanks to a government crackdown, scenes like Marseille were largely avoided.

Russia will play host to some selected games – in Saint Petersburg – for the Euros this summer.

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