Racist abuse at hero Rashford shows social media chiefs must identify bigots

Words are inadequate tools with which to describe the sickening racist abuse being directed towards footballers on social media.

Marcus Rashford is the latest victim of such an attack after recieving vile messages on Instagram.

The same Marcus Rashford who has done so much good in the world after busting his balls to make sure starving children are fed during the pandemic.

Those cretinous bigots responsible for abusing Rashford don't deserve to breathe the same air as the England and Manchester United hero, let alone get to attack him on various platforms just because's he's black.

Rashford is now one of several stars to have been targeted in the past week.

The fact it is still happening in 2021 is impossible to fathom – and the fact it is still being allowed to happen is, quite literally, criminal.

Each time it does clubs go to those people supposed to be in power at organisations like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to demand something be done – but nothing ever changes.

Lip service is paid to the problem and the time has now come for football authorities like FIFA, UEFA, the Football Association and Premier League to join forces with the police to rid the world of these moronic cowards that hide behind the social media blanket of a laptop.

Being unable to identify them is not an explanation or excuse. We put men on the moon decades ago, for heaven's sake, so locating someone through a computer should not be too difficult.

The police can locate anyone in this day and age if they try hard enough, but not enough is being done to stamp out this cancer in our society.

Rashford is reluctant to make a big deal of what's happened, because he doesn't want to give those who did it the attention. Fair enough.

But perhaps the most depressing aspect of this whole situation is that we are having to even discuss it in the first place.

Despite all the campaigning and education, the roundabout of racism continues to spin and might continue to do so, but we should never give up the fight to make it stop.

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