Premier League clubs against FA’s offer to use Wembley to complete season

Premier League clubs do not want to use Wembley as one of the neutral “approved” stadiums.

Football Association chiefs have offered the national stadium and it could be attractive as a potential host venue with the Premier League desperate to play the remaining fixtures amid the coronavirus crisis.

It has multiple dressing rooms, is vast so would help for social distancing and has different entrances for easy access to clubs and could even be used to stage several games in a single day for the benefit of TV audiences.

However, there is opposition from clubs about the idea of using neutral venues and, in particular, Wembley because there is a feeling home advantage could be lost and London teams could also get a benefit.

It is understood the Premier League will outline their plans for a way forward at their meeting with the 20 clubs via a video conference on Friday and neutral venues are still very much on the agenda.

The FA have also offered St George’s Park while training grounds could also be considered because the pitches are up to standard and they could be easier to steward than some Premier League grounds.

But many clubs want to stick to their own stadiums and are of the view that should be the way forward to see out the remaining fixture list with most having nine games left and four teams with ten left.

However, it is believed that some of the grounds may not meet safety standards or have particular quirks which might make them unsuitable.

One of the key points is to have multiple entrances for coach access to get the players into stadiums amid lingering fears of infection from the virus.

They would prefer to have a home and away entrance so players do not mix, they would not come into contact and would have to be guided in by clearly marked walkways.

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