Premier League 2019/20 – How much do you remember?

The strangest of Premier League seasons comes to an end on Sunday, but how much do you remember about the 2019/20 campaign? Take our fun quiz to find out!

The season has seen big managers leave, like Unai Emery and Maurico Pochettino, and even bigger names arrive, including Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti. Watford even made an unprecedented three managerial changes as they look to avoid relegation.

  • Final day: Leicester vs Man Utd live on Sky Sports
  • What is left to play for on the final PL day?
  • ‘Absolutely special’: Liverpool lift Premier League trophy

The race for Europe and battle against relegation have both gone down to the wire, and you can watch eight of these vital games live on Sky Sports on Sunday as the longest of Premier League campaigns draws to a conclusion.

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