Player of the season: Soccer Saturday pundits make their selections

Who have Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas, Phil Thompson and Matt Le Tissier named as their player of the season? Find out here…

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Paul Merson

It’s got to be Sadio Mane for me. Mane is the player who has been Liverpool’s go-to man at special times in the season. He’s performed and got big goals in big games. He’s the one for me. Virgil van Dijk would be a close second – if he was at Manchester City, they would be 10 points clear. That’s how much he is worth.

Obviously Kevin De Bruyne has been brilliant, but it’s hard to give it to someone who is 25 points behind someone else. If you’re asking me which player I want to watch the most in the Premier League, it’s Jack Grealish! But he isn’t getting player of the year. It’s different.

Charlie Nicholas

If I was pushed into a corner, I would go with De Bruyne. In the last three months, Henderson has really come to play. Over those months I get that he could be a consideration. Mane is in there, too, and I am finding it tough to pick. I have no problem with him or De Bruyne picking up the player of the year award.

I just think at the moment, De Bruyne is carrying Manchester City, and I have never seen a team as good as City being carried by an individual player. David Silva is leaving, the form of Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling has dipped, as well as Riyad Mahrez too. Their levels have dropped, where De Bruyne’s have not. When I look at goals, assists, everything that could win a match, I would edge towards De Bruyne here.

Matt Le Tissier

The player of the season so far is a tough one. You look through the team and look at the quality of the players in there. There is a reasonable shout for most of them. Given what Liverpool have done and how far ahead they are, it has to be one of those players. Because of the amount of crucial goals he has scored, I would put Mane up there. He has been a key player in what Liverpool have done and made a difference on so many occasions, so he would get the nod.

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