Martin Tyler explains why he doesn’t enjoy Anfield visits as much as he used to

Sky Sports legend Martin Tyler says the recent changes to Anfield haven't been good news for commentators.

Liverpool redeveloped their Main Stand in 2016 to take the official capacity of their famous home to over 53,394, with the increase in spectators also mirroring the club's improvement on the pitch.

But the change meant that the old commentary gantry is no more, and Tyler admits he misses it.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the Anfield gantry which served television broadcasters for decades was the best in the world in my experience," the 74-year-old told Sky Sports.

"Built into the roof of the old Main Stand it was a perfect viewing point and with the fans below, the feeling of involvement was total.

"The recent construction of the Centenary Stand changed all that. Of course it is change for the better for Liverpool Football Club, who can now accommodate large crowds, but not for commentators.

"The current position is much more distant, level with the opposite roof of the Kenny Dalglish stand. The main cameras were moved up there as well but after one season the club found a lower level for them, rather proving the point.

"Unfortunately, there is not space for commentators to sit alongside the cameras which is in itself a difficulty. You at home are watching the match from a different angle to we broadcasters. It is the same at Chelsea and Wembley."

Despite the change though, Tyler praised the work Liverpool have done at Anfield.

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