Mark Viduka on how Elton John nearly let slip about his Man Utd transfer talks

Mark Viduka has revealed how Sir Elton John almost told a packed stadium about the striker's secret contract talks with Manchester United.

Former Leeds striker Viduka was in Manchester for a meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson when he was invited to attend an Elton concert in the city.

The news of Viduka holding talks with legendary Red Devils boss Ferguson would not have gone down well in Leeds, where the former Australia captain played from 2000 to 2004.

But in a nerve-shredding moment for the striker, pop icon Elton almost let slip to the watching world that he was considering a move to his side's fierce rivals.

"I was in Manchester and my agent at the time also had a lot to do with Elton John," Viduka told ESPN.

"He said stay for the night and come to the show, he had backstage passes and I'd get the chance to meet the man for myself. It was an offer I couldn't refuse."

Viduka said nerves made him tell the singer about his Ferguson talks – and he almost had cause to regret spilling the beans.

"So I'm there with Jacob Burns, my Leeds teammate and fellow Aussie, as we got ushered into his dressing room," said Viduka.

"As we enter Elton swings are on a swivel chair and says: 'Mark Viduka, you're from Melbourne – I love that place!'

"I was nervous, so I babbled on about my meeting with the Red Devils that day and a possible move.

"Instead of going to our seats to watch the concert, Elton gets us to watch it at the side of the stage. About three songs in he says: 'I want to dedicate this next one to my good friend Mark who is in Manchester today to make a big decision.'

"I'm thinking: 'S***, please don't say any more!'

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