Man Utd have moved on from Cristiano Ronaldo saga, Christian Eriksen insists

“First of all we are sad that Ronaldo is not part of it, his legacy and his name at any club is special, for me to be fortunate to play with him in my career was very nice,” he said.

“The football goes on. You feel that the next game after, people will forget what it was like before and now our focus is really like he is not here.

“The atmosphere is good, we have a lot of people coming back from the World Cup, the last guys are coming back and everyone is coming together.

“The atmosphere is good. It helps winning games and also before we went away for the World Cup we had a few good games and good wins and it makes it easier to come back and start like this.”

Rashford’s form, with eight goals in 13 games for club and country, is a real tonic following Ronaldo’s exit.

Eriksen says the 25-year-old has returned from the World Cup with confidence and hopes he can continue firing for United.

“He played very well, luckily I haven’t been on the pitch where he has played a bad game yet,” he said. “I let him continue that, he is looking sharp and confident and you can feel that when he is going forward.


“You feel that in the stadium and you feel that with him and it is a nice thing and I hope he keeps it going.

“You can see that he came back pretty confident. I didn’t see as much of his games of course, you guys will have seen more, but he came back in good shape and luckily he has taken that into United.”

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