Liverpool should be handed Premier League title now says Gerard Houllier

Former Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier has urged Premier League bosses to hand Jurgen Klopp's side the title.

June 12 is the new target for top-flight action to resume, although it is still unclear whether that will happen with players concerned for their safety amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

When the season was halted due to the outbreak of the deadly virus, Liverpool were a massive 25 points clear of second-placed Manchester City, needing just two wins from their remaining nine games to end the club's 30-year wait for the top-flight title.

And Houllier has urged the Premier League to follow the example of his native France, where the Ligue 1 was ended 12 games early and leaders Paris-Saint Germain were declared champions.

Houllier, who was manager of Liverpool from 1998 until 2004, was asked by TalkSport whether Liverpool should be given the Premier League crown in the same way.

“Yeah," said Houllier. "That’s what they did in France.

"They gave it to Paris Saint-Germain. They had a 12-point lead and I think Liverpool needed just two games to win the title.

“If there was a difference of maybe two or three points then you could argue it takes some chances away from teams behind but 25 points there is no way they wouldn't be champions. They deserve it.”

Despite his calls for Liverpool to be crowned champions, Houllier felt the decision to end Ligue 1 in France may have been taken a little too early.

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