Klopp will regret being 'rude' to reporters, says Jenas

Jermaine Jenas claims Jurgen Klopp will regret being ‘rude’ and ‘moody’ to reporters this season and says the Liverpool boss has ‘reacted instead of staying calm’ when questioned about the Reds’ poor form

  • Jermaine Jenas has claimed Jurgen Klopp will regret being ‘rude’ to reporters 
  • The Liverpool boss has had run-ins with people interviewing him this season 
  • Klopp clashed with a sports journalist from Israeli TV after defeat by Man City 
  • The Reds have struggled for form with two wins from seven league games

Jermaine Jenas believes Jurgen Klopp has struggled to keep his cool this season and claimed the Liverpool boss has been ‘rude’ and ‘moody’ to reporters.

Klopp has had run-ins with BT Sport’s Des Kelly but his latest clash came with an Israeli sports journalist following the Reds’ 4-1 defeat by Manchester City.

The German told the reporter he should ‘prepare for you job better’ when he was asked about his side’s chances of retaining their Premier League title.

Jermaine Jenas (left) believes Jurgen Klopp will regret being ‘rude’ to reporters

Earlier this season, Klopp clashed with Kelly following James Milner’s injury in the match at Brighton in November.

When questioned by Kelly over the severity of the latest setback, Klopp sarcastically said ‘congratulations’ before criticising the broadcasters for picking his side for a 12.30 kick-off following a Champions League week.

Jenas told BBC 5 Live that Klopp will regret being abrupt instead of keeping calm with reporters.

Liverpool have struggled for form in 2021 with just two wins from seven league games

‘From Klopp’s point of view, what he has to understand is that they (Liverpool) were a machine for so many years, and the wheels have completely come off,’ Jenas said.

‘They’ve not just had a little bit of a dip, and they have, you know, I suppose it looks like they’re going to be a couple of points or five points behind the champions. The games that they have lost have been a complete capitulation and you just kind of go “where is this coming from?” 

‘The mistakes, and the lack of form and also on top of that I think when he reflects back on this season, he’ll realise that his own mood, and the way he has been addressing the people that interview him, he’s at times almost been rude and so abrupt and he has been a bit moody. 

‘He’s always been that guy in this league where you’ve looked at him and gone “God, I love that guy, absolutely love him. I’d love to play for him, he’s always energetic. Win, lose or draw he’s always by his players.” This year he’s been the polar opposite to that to me.’

Klopp clashed with BT Sport journalist Des Kelly over TV scheduling earlier this season

Liverpool have struggled for form since the start of the year with just two wins from their last seven league games.

Jenas was asked by fellow pundit Michael Brown whether Klopp’s mood had changed because Liverpool were experiencing their first tricky spell under the German. 

‘It’s not a great trait, is it?’ Jenas replied. ‘It’s not a great trait at all. If your team is losing, it’s when you need your manager to lead most, and he has definitely done that and he’s proven that. 

‘He had that crazy season in Dortmund but the majority of times he has show that he has got that fire and passion to get a group of players to play in a certain way. I just think that there is a reason it comes on top for managers and the majority of the time it’s not always just results related. 

‘Sometimes you look at the way people are behaving and you think something is not right there and they start probing and they start digging and actually they start provoking to see if it reacts to more. And I think more often than not, he’s reacted instead of staying calm.’

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