Klopp on what he’s most looking forward to when he reunites with Liverpool stars

Jurgen Klopp is itching to get hands on with his Kop stars – by giving them a hug!

The Liverpool boss hasn't seen his title-chasing players for almost two months with football in lockdown.

But instead of wanting to talk titles, tactics and trophies Klopp just wants to hug them when they return to the club's Melwood training ground.

Liverpool need just five points to win their first League title for 30 years as they lead second place Manchester City by a massive 25 points.

And with a return to training thought to be imminent ahead of Monday's Project Restart meeting between all 20 Premier League clubs, Klopp is already desperate to greet his stars.

Asked about the first thing he'll do when he sees his players German boss Klopp said: “Probably something that is not allowed still!

“Honestly, I would like to give them a proper hug. It's a long time ago since I saw them and I like them a lot so that would be cool but probably not allowed, so we will leave that until later.”

Klopp's always been tactile with his players often grabbing them in a bear-hug after wins at Anfield and on the road.

But he admits football's Lockdown has been a challenge for him as well as the sport.

“100% you have to adapt. You cannot read a book about it or ask anybody because no-one was ever in a situation like this. So if we are right or wrong we will realise later.

“It was clear to us that we would deal with it like we deal with normal breaks. So the boys get a training programme and now the next challenge was that we didn't know when the break will end.

“But training is all about doing the right thing now to get the benefit later.

“Now we have to be professional from the first day. We have to check first the individual status of the players and when we know that, from that point we can start.”

Klopp has had plenty of time to reflect on a fantastic last year.

And he's chosen not the Champions League Final win over Tottenham in Madrid but Liverpool's 4-0 Anfield semi-final win as THE stand-out moment of the last 12 months.

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