James Milner brands Liverpool duo as Ant & Dec of changing room after antics

James Milner has compared Liverpool team-mates Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold to Ant and Dec.

The flying full-backs and best pals are inseparable on and off the pitch.

Now Milner, 34, has tipped them to take over from TV duo Ant and Dec, once they hang up their boots.

He tweeted: “Always a pleasure to be in the presence of the self-proclaimed new Ant and Dec!

“Maybe I could do the spin-off and be Joe Swash.” The ­double act have started their own show on Instagram called Wingmen.

It has had fans in stitches since its launch this week as they drive about chatting in hilarious scenes.

In the first episode, the Premier League aces visit a ­giant mural of Alexander-Arnold, 22, in Liverpool.

But Robertson, 26, says he has “no interest in it”.

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