Inside story of Fekir’s failed Liverpool move – including announcement ‘leak’

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Nabil Fekir once insisted that "lots of lies were told" following the breakdown of his potential switch to Liverpool from Lyon – but his former agent hit back at those claims.

The 28-year-old, who ended up joining Real Betis in La Liga back in 2019, had looked certain to move to Anfield as the Reds eyed their first league title in almost 30 years.

However, as quickly as the links emerged they fell apart, with the player left baffled by a supposed lack of clarity before lashing out at accusations made about his family online.

Although he has now found a new home in Spain, Fekir's former agent recently urged the player to stop "taking people for fools" regarding an alleged knee concern held by the club.

Back in the summer of 2018 was when the initial rumours stared, with concerns over the midfielder’s knee said to be why Liverpool opted no to finalise a move.

Speaking to L’Equipe the following year, Fekir said: “What was said is not the truth.

“My knee is good – I had a quick medical check at Clairefontaine [the French national team training base], my knee wasn’t even mentioned.”

While many were aware of his previous knee concerns, there were reports that family members had got involved in the talks and caused friction between parties – which Fekir denied.

Adding: “The worst thing is the idea that people could suggest that it’s because of my family that the transfer didn’t happen.

“It’s a lie […] Lots of lies were told and they affected me, especially those told about my family.

“It hurt them and me, especially when you know that what’s being told is false.”

Following those comments, Fekir was asked the truth behind the collapsed deal, which even involved fake 'leaked' photos being created by pranksters and posted online.

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He said: “You want the truth? Even I don’t know, I promise you!

“I did my medical and then [Liverpool] decided not to sign me. At some point they wanted to have me believe it was because of my knee, but an excuse needed to be found.”

In the most recent update, Fekir’s former agent Jean-Pierres Bernes disputed the midfielder's claims.

He told the paper copy of L'Equipe: “He has to stop this show and stop taking people for fools.

“Everyone knows what happened. The transfer to Liverpool turned around for two reasons. The first is his knee, even though the English club were willing to make an effort on this.

“The second is the appearance of a foreign pseudo-representative, who asked for the negotiations to be resumed from the beginning at the moment of signing.

“Between this episode and the medical visit, Liverpool’s leaders decided to abandon the transfer.”

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