Iconic manager Neil Warnock says he’s often mistaken for Mrs Doubtfire

Football boss Neil Warnock says he is often mistaken for Mrs Doubtfire.

The film character – an estranged dad who dresses as an older nanny so he can see his kids – was played by late actor Robin Williams. But despite the unflattering comparison, former Sheffield United and Crystal Palace supremo Neil can see the funny side.

He joked: "You get recognised all over the show and I've been wrongly recognised a few times, which is exciting. They thought I was Mrs Doubtfire – I just had a look about her."

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Neil, 73, also confessed that he once confronted a deer in a park – and asked him for advice on how to pick his team.

He said: "We went to Richmond when I was at QPR. I remember stopping, on my own I was, and a big stag came out of the undergrowth. He stood in front of me, I'm about 10 yards away from him, and we just froze, both of us.

"And I said, 'Well, what would you effing do on Saturday? Would you pick him or pick him or pick the other one?’ And he looked at me as if to think, 'What are you bloody talking about?' I enjoyed that."

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Now retired, Neil also took a pop at modern bosses on the Proper Football podcast.

He scoffed: "I do laugh when I see the managers with clipboards on the bench now. I used to always say to the linesman, 'Is he doing an effing shopping list or what, that guy? What's he doing there?'

"Because if you can't remember things yourself for half-time you shouldn't be doing it."


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