Harry Maguire asks Man Utd players to donate wages to charity

Harry Maguire has asked the entire Manchester United squad to donate 30 per cent of their wages to charity.

Manchester United captain Maguire has sent a message to all of his team mates suggesting they make the generous pledge to Manchester hospitals.

And Mirror Sport understands the players are overwhelmingly in support of the donation as they want to be seen to be doing their bit.

It comes after extensive talks between Maguire and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward about the players making a charitable donation.

United, one of the richest clubs in the world, do not want the players to take a pay cut but are onboard with the desire to make a charity donation.

It comes after Premier League stars were criticised by Health Minister Matt Hancock for not “doing their bit” and a public backlash against players for not volunteering a pay cut.

The Professional Footballers’ Association put out a statement on Thursday night suggesting players would take deferrals but not cuts while criticising clubs for putting staff on furlough schemes when they could afford to pay them.

That has sparked civil war in football but also annoyed players who, behind the scenes, have been making donations but want their money to go to charity and the NHS rather than back to wealthy Premier League teams.

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