Guardiola accused of being a "hypocrite" over his European Super League comments

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has been accused of being hypocritical after he declared his opposition to plans for a European Super League.

Luciano Moggi, who was banned from football for life due to his involvement in the 2006 Italian match-fixing scandal, believes Guardiola was in the wrong to criticise the plans.

The City manager didn't hold back when first discussing the plans, which were then yet to be scrapped.

He declared that the super league shouldn't be labelled as a sporting competition, because there was no consequence for losing.

However, Moggi responded by criticising Guardiola, claiming the City boss only cares about his salary.

Guardiola, undoubtedly one of the best managers of all time, is one of the highest-paid coaches in world football.

But Moggi believes the Spaniard needs to experience managing within a salary cap to test his commitment to the sport.

The 83-year-old, who was banished from football in disgrace due to his involvement in the match fixing scandal and spent time in prison, spoke to Calcio Napoli 24 about serial-winner Guardiola.

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“Hypocrisy has become a part of the world of football," he said.

"Think of the Super League case.

"The first to contest their club were the Liverpool players and their manager, and now Guardiola too. He criticised his club with the cry that ‘football belongs to the fans and I follow them’. Undoubtedly beautiful words, full of romanticism that takes hold, but only words.

“In our opinion, Pep is more in love with the €30m/year he receives, the rest is poetry.

"In fact, despite knowing that the wages of players and managers weight on 70% of the company’s revenue, he had the courage to criticise the owners because they go in search of greater income to meet greater expenses.

“Maybe it might be time to a salary cap in place to prevent people like him from falling madly in love with this sport just because it now allows them to take home figures that were previously unimagined."

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