Greek lawyer criticises Harry Maguire’s account of events leading to his arrest

A Greek lawyer has branded Harry Maguire's version of events leading to his arrest as "ridiculous" as he gave his verdict on the Man Utd star's claims.

Maguire has successfully lodged an appeal against his initial conviction for charges including assault on a police officer and attempted bribery.

The 27-year-old will now face a retrial at a date yet to be determined and pleaded his innocence in an interview with the BBC on Thursday.

He claimed he thought he was being kidnapped by fake police during the night out in Mykonos last week and tried to run off as he feared for his life.

But prosecution lawyer Ioannis Paradissis has slammed the defender's comments, telling The Mail : "I've seen and read what Maguire said and it's ridiculous and only adds further insult to the harm he caused the policemen he attacked and the Greek justice system as a whole.

"Maguire claims that he feared he was being kidnapped yet his response is to run away and call his agent, leaving behind his fiancé, brothers and sister and childhood friends. Even if you accepted this as true, which I don't, these are not the actions of an honourable man."

In his interview Maguire alleged that he and his group of family and friends were waiting for their minibus to pick them up when his sister Daisy had been approached by two men before she fell unwell.

He became emotional as he described how his partner Fern saw Daisy's "eyes rolling to the back of her head" and was "fainting, in an out of consciousness.

During the first trial Maguire's defence team claimed Daisy was injected with an unknown substance by the two unidentified men.

In an attempt to get to the hospital Maguire then ended up outside the police station where he alleges he was attacked by police and told his football career was over.

But Paradissis does not believe Maguire's account.

"Maguire claims that when the minibus stopped, he did not know that it was outside a police station," Paradissis added. "I would urge all people to have a look at Mykonos police station. It is clearly obvious what this place is either during the day or night.

"The only way you would not be able tell if it was not a police station is if you are very drunk."

Harry Maguire arrested in Mykonos

Paradissis continued to say it was obvious Maguire was not that drunk as he was able to fend off the police officers in his bid to escape.

The lawyer also questioned why the BBC did not ask further about the incident involving Maguire's sister Daisy, and criticised his decision not to issue an apology.

Maguire said in his interview: "I don't feel like I owe an apology to anybody, an apology is for when you've done something wrong."

The England ace added: "I have great faith in Greek law that the retrial will give us more time to prepare, gather evidence and allow witnesses into the court," he added. "I'm really confident the truth will be told and come out."

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