Gary Neville's U-turn on points per game to decide relegation

So which one is it?! Gary Neville says deciding Premier League relegation on a points-per-game basis ‘feels unfair’… just days after he suggested the method as the best way to end the football season

  • Gary Neville says relegating teams using points-per-game would be ‘unfair’
  • He said clubs must be given a chance to defend themselves if football restarts 
  • It comes just days after the ex-defender suggested PPG to decide the season 
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Gary Neville has made a quick turnaround on his views about deciding regulation on points-per-game, saying it would be ‘unfair’ on teams at the bottom – despite suggesting it just days earlier. 

Premier League teams are starting to return to training ahead of a possible restart of the season in June following weeks of coronavirus shutdown, with officials still in talks with the Government about when that can happen. 

There remains a sticking point in negotiations with clubs on how best to get the action back underway, with some teams near the drop zone wary of agreeing to play out the rest of the campaign in neutral venues amid relegation fears. 

Gary Neville says he is against the points-per-game system to decide relegation, despite suggesting it himself just days ago

Debate over the fate of the season continues – with some calling for an immediate end to the season and suggesting it should be decided using a points-per-game system or determined using the current standings.

Speaking about the matter on Sky’s Football Show, Neville said suggestions that relegation could be settled using points-per-game ‘doesn’t feel right to me’ and said teams deserved the chance to fight for their place in the top flight. 

‘I don’t believe relegation is fair on the PPG basis. I think if football is to be played, you play for promotion and relegation. But to be relegated with nine games to go, with so much at stake, it doesn’t feel right to me, it feels unfair. 

There have been claims that teams near the bottom, such as Norwich and Aston Villa, could be relegated using a points-per-game system

The ex-Manchester United star said the method of PPG felt like an ‘unfair’ way to decide things 

‘Clubs have been demonstrating their self-preservation, but the top clubs are throwing their weight around. I think it’s devastating going down, but to go without having the chance to defend yourself, I think it’s too much.’

But Neville’s stance on PPG come just days after he suggested it on Twitter after being asked how we would decide promotion and relegation if he were in a position of power. 

In a Q&A with fans, one user asked: ‘If you’re the man with the power to relegate/ promote if there’s no games played this season how do you do it?’

The former Manchester United star replied: ‘PPG is best bet’.

But on Saturday the Sky Sports pundit suggested points-per-game to end the season

Jamie Carragher feels teams at the bottom of the table will ‘find a way’ to play out the season

Also speaking on the show, Jamie Carragher said that he felt an idea to declare the season null and void has been ‘taken off the table’ and is confident that if relegation does go ahead – it will be decided on the pitch.

‘This null and void keeps getting mentioned. We all read the papers, null and void has been taken off the table weeks ago, UEFA took it off the table weeks ago. 

‘No season is null and void, Holland just couldn’t decide the winners because the top two sides were level on points. Teams towards the bottom are finding problems rather than solutions at the moment. 

‘If teams are to go down, I think maybe the teams at the bottom, they will find a way to play the Premier League out.’ 

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