Gary Neville bows head in disbelief at Graeme Souness’ take on Man Utd owners

Gary Neville couldn't believe what he was hearing as Graeme Souness defended the Glazers after Manchester United's embarrassing 4-0 defeat against Liverpool.

Neville slumped over in his seat as the Anfield legend tried to move the blame away from United's American owners for the club's decline. "I can't personally put too much blame attached to the Glazers, other than them allowing people who weren't qualified and obviously weren't good enough to make football decisions," Souness said. "In terms of the funding, you cannot be critical of them."

That prompted exasperation from Neville, a vocal critic of the Glazer regime, who bowed his head in disappointment at Souness' position. The 47-year-old former Old Trafford stalwart then explained his position on United's owners.

"Graeme, Graeme, seriously," Neville fired back. "No owners of any business, any good business, in the world, when the core activities of that business are failing and the cash reserves have been drained over the last three years through Covid, continue to take money out of a business."

Souness attempted to interject, but Neville insisted on finishing his point, saying: "Graeme, let me finish, please. No shareholders, and directors and owners have a good business when the business is failing in its core activities.

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"The cash reserves are being drained, there is investment required of hundreds and millions into the stadium and the training ground and they continue to take money out of the business."

Neville then spoke about how United have elevated the players above the manager at United in the last decade before returning to his original criticism of the Glazers.

"Fundamentally, the club is broken on and off the pitch. The stadium is falling apart, the training ground is falling back to second rate compared to other training grounds. The owners are taking £25m a year out of the club when actually the club needs investment. It sets the culture badly from the top," Neville concluded.

His comments come days after hundreds of United fans gathered outside Old Trafford before Saturday's fixture against Norwich to protest the ownership of the Glazer family.

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