Fans rinse Man Utds Cristiano Ronaldo for "goals" brag in New Years post

Cristiano Ronaldo has been mocked for bragging about his achievements in his lengthy review of 2021 following celebrations with his family.

The 36-year-old posed with pregnant partner Georgina Rodriguez and his four children in an upload to his 384 million followers on Instagram, and has already gained seven million likes.

The Portugal skipper mentioned his Juventus exit and return to Manchester United, which he described as "one of the most iconic moments of my career".

However, one small part of his message has been picked apart on social media, with fans joking that he couldn't resist bragging about his goalscoring exploits.

The opening sentence reads: "2021 is coming to an end and it was far from being an easy year, despite my 47 goals scored across all competitions."

With one fan saying in response: "Look at this guy man, he can’t be real."

And a second adding: "He is not a real person man."

And a third writing: "Thought it was fake at first, what an odd guy."

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The full post reads: "2021 is coming to an end and it was far from being an easy year, despite my 47 goals scored across all competitions.

"Two different clubs and five different coaches. One Euro Final Stage played with my National Team and one World Cup Qualification left pending for 2022.

"At Juventus, I was proud to win the Italian Cup and the Italian Supercup, and become the Serie A Top Scorer. For Portugal, becoming the Euro Top Scorer was also a high point this year.

"And of course, my return to Old Trafford will always be one of the most iconic moments in my career.

"But I’m not happy with what we are achieving in Man. United. None of us are happy, I’m sure of that. We know that we have to work harder, play better and deliver way more than we are delivering right now.

"Let’s make this New Year’s Eve a turning point of the season! Let’s embrace 2022 with a higher spirit and a stronger mentality. Let’s take us above and beyond, let’s reach for the stars and put this club right where it belongs! Join us, we’re counting on all of you!

"Happy New Year and see you soon!"

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