Fans left bemused after Timo Werner celebrates doing "a Maradona" for Chelsea

Timo Werner had another nightmare in front of goal for Chelsea during their Premier League clash against Leicester at Stamford Bridge – and baffled fans with his celebration.

Following a strike that was ruled out for offside, the German forward bundled the ball home and slid into the corner flag in celebration to the delight of fans that were in attendance.

However, there was a twist in the tale, with the goal ruled out for quite an obvious handball when the replies were slowed down for those at home.

Although the referee could be forgiven for initially missing the touch of the arm, there were some questions over why Werner would celebrate so devotedly having made the error himself.

One Twitter user wrote: "Timo Werner knew very well that he had scored using his arm but still went ahead to celebrate like this in the era of VAR."

A second added: "How can Werner celebrate like that knowing there's VAR and it's blatantly hit his hand."

A third continued: "Why would Werner celebrate with so much passion when he knows he scored with his hand." With a fourth concluding: "Timo Werner wanted to pay a tribute to Maradona this evening with a handball goal."

Werner told Sky Sports after the game: "The first half was the picture of the whole season for me.

"I was close but not really close. I think it's the unluckiest season I've ever had and will have maybe.

"Offside, a clear penalty and then I want to make a header, I get a little push and I head it against my arm.

"But when you are so unlucky but you still reach the Champions League final and maybe reach the Champions League next season , everything is good."

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