Ex-Prem ace barely recognisable with suave glow-up despite keeping bleached hair

Former Premier League ace Abel Xavier is barely recognisable after a suave glow up – but he still bleaches his famous hair and beard.

Xavier became notorious for his look during his playing days, which went through a number of different styles.

It was at Euro 2000 for Portugal that he really caught the eye, in more ways than one, of the football world.

The full-back had spells with Merseyside rivals Everton and Liverpool and then later Middlesbrough in the English top flight, which are memorable solely because he is etched into the brains of anyone who saw him.

They wouldn't recognise him now, though.

Xavier may still have his bleached combo, but he looks far less scary and much more sophisticated at the age of 49.

His hair flows in locks that are somewhere between Robbie Savage and Andrea Pirlo.

And he must have invested in an expensive beard trimming kit because he looks as though he's just come out of a shaving advert with his new accurately cut facial hair.

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Since hanging up his boots in 2008, Xavier pursued a managerial career in his home country.

He had three jobs in the space of two-and-a-half years and all three ended in swift sackings.

Then in January 2016 he took on the Mozambique head-coach role on a two-year contract, as that is where he was born.

His run as a national team boss lasted much longer as he was there until his 2019 sacking.

It seems Xavier has now turned to punditry going off the posts on his Instagram.

However, his coaching days are not over, as he recently shared a snap of his UEFA pro licence for the Portugal football federation.

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