Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti lifts lid on his life in lockdown

Carlo Ancelotti is turning himself into a master chef during the lockdown – although Everton's Italian manager admits his passion for home cooking doesn't yet stretch beyond a bowl of pasta.

Ancelotti is grateful for the relative freedom he gets in England to take bike rides and walks after buying a home in Crosby, while back in Italy, the coronavirus pandemic has been fought with much stricter measures on social distancing.

But Ancelotti admits that he just loves to rustle up something from his homeland by getting gastronomic in the kitchen.

Ancelotti said: “During the day I love to cook. I spend time cooking because it is one of my passions.

“My best dish? It is pasta. I can do pasta Bolognese, I can make pasta with mushrooms, I can make pasta carbonara.

“I am really good, I think!

“I don’t make my own pasta. That is the next step – my own homemade pasta.”

Ancelotti fills his evenings by watching box sets on TV – Ray Donovan, The Outsider, Money Heist and When They See Us are his current favourites.

But the Blues' 60-year-old boss is certainly no couch potato.

He has scarcely spent any time away from football since emerging from Reggiolo's youth team as a teenager.

And after a playing career that was plagued by serious knee problems, he has been getting out of the house in accordance with government regulations.

Ancelotti, speaking to evertonfc.com, said: “If I walk, I go to Crosby, to the beach and sometimes I go biking to Formby.

“It is a beautiful area, the beach is really fantastic.

“It is a long beach, you can keep your distance when you walk. I enjoy this a lot.

“The weather is good and, honestly, it is beautiful here.

“It is not a good time in the world, in England and Italy and around Europe, because of this pandemic.

“But from the other aspect, the fact we have the possibility to walk and bike is important for ourselves – it is a good time for this.

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