Duncan Ferguson scares young Everton fan into ‘doing his college work’

Everton legend and assistant boss Duncan Ferguson has sent a warning to a Toffees fan for slipping behind in photography – and insisted that he gets up to date with his studies.

The former striker is a much loved figure around Goodison, and has been working under Carlo Ancelotti following spells as both a player an caretaker manager at the club.

Ferguson has now recorded a clip urging young Tom to get back on track with his work following a request from brother Jack Simmons, and it has gone viral on social media.

He started the video by saying: ”Hi young Tom, you alright son, it's Duncan Ferguson here.

"I just wanted to wish you all the best, pal. Your teacher, old Tom, has told me you've been f****** slacking off a bit in your photography, is that right?

"We cannae be having that, mate.

“You better get your finger out and make sure that you get the f****** results.

"And if you get the results right and you stick in, I'll come and see you.

"I'll take you for a bit of lunch or I'll come to your house or something. We'll sit down and have a wee chat… So you make sure you stick in. Come on, don't f*** the job up.

"Anyway, look… there's Goodison for you. What do you think of that? Hopefully you'll be back soon lad. Alright mate – stick in son. God bless from Big Dunc, take care."

Earlier in the season Ferguson was hailed for hugging Ancelotti following a win over Liverpool at Anfield, with the Italian saying after the game: “I think the happiest man in our team was Duncan."

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