Drysdale squared up to Judge after being called 'a cheating bald c***'

REVEALED: Referee Darren Drysdale squared up to Ipswich’s Alan Judge on the pitch after being called ‘a cheating bald c***’ by League One midfielder…. as official is handed backdated ban by FA and warned on future conduct

  • Darren Drysdale controversially confronted Ipswich’s Alan Judge last month
  • The pair squared up after Drysdale didn’t give a penalty in Judge’s favour
  • It has now been revealed that Judge called the referee ‘a cheating bald c***’
  • Drysdale has now been handed a backdated suspension following the incident 

Referee Darren Drysdale has been handed a backdated suspension and warned over his future conduct following his controversial confrontation with Ipswich’s Alan Judge last month.

Drysdale was initially charged with improper conduct by the FA after he angrily squared up to and pressed heads with Judge after the latter was furious that his appeal for a penalty was rejected during Ipswich’s clash with Northampton. The pair had to be broken up by both sets of players. 

And it has now been revealed that Drysdale, who hasn’t officiated since the incident, reacted angrily after he had been called a ‘cheating bald c***’ by the League One midfielder during the latter stages of the clash last month. 

Referee Darren Drysdale angrily squared up with Ipswich midfielder Alan Judge last month

Both Judge and Drysdale had to be separated by several players as the scuffle continued

When giving evidence on the incident, Drysdale claimed: ‘Alan Judge then, in my opinion, exaggerates his fall in a desperate attempt to gain a penalty kick for his team. I then processed what happened for a few seconds before blowing my whistle and decided to caution Alan Judge for trying to deceive a match official.

‘As I blew my whistle, Alan Judge shouted aggressively in a loud voice at me and from a distance of only 5 metres, “It’s a f****** penalty you cheating bald c***!”

‘Reacting completely out of character, I took exception to what I considered to be an offensive comment. I walked towards Alan Judge who then continued his tirade of abuse as he then, what I deemed as, aggressively and provokingly pointed his finger towards my face and shouted, “You’re a f****** cheating c***!”

‘I accept that I should not have moved my head towards Alan Judge as this only inflamed the situation. At no time was there any physical contact between myself and Alan Judge. 

‘My action of moving forward was a posture of authority and with the player being significantly shorter than me, this led to me looking down at him. I then issued a yellow card to Alan Judge for his exaggerated fall.’ 

Drysdale was initially charged by the Football Association with improper conduct

After Drysdale gave his version of events, the FA released a statement on Wednesday evening revealing the verdict over his punishment. 

The statement read: ‘An independent Regulatory Commission has given Darren Drysdale a back-dated suspension and warning as to his future conduct for a breach of FA Rule E3.

‘The match official admitted that his behaviour during the 90th minute of an EFL League One tie between Ipswich Town FC and Northampton Town FC on Tuesday 16 February 2021 amounted to improper conduct.

‘The suspension, which ran from 19 February 2021 to 10 March 2021, and warning were imposed by the independent Regulatory Commission during a subsequent hearing.’  

Immediately following the confrontation, Drysdale – an RAF sergeant from Lincolnshire – had been dropped on his 50th birthday by the PGMOL from refereeing his scheduled match between Southend and Bolton that weekend.

Judge was furious after Drysdale didn’t award a penalty in his favour against Northampton

In his statement via the PGMOL following the confrontation, Drysdale immediately apologised and admitted he had done wrong.

‘I fully understand that it is important to maintain our composure throughout the game and always engage with players in a professional manner,’ he said. 

‘I’m sorry that I did not do that last night and I can only apologise to Alan and Ipswich Town.’

Ipswich midfielder Judge, meanwhile, insisted he was not looking for an apology from Drysdale nor pressing an FA charge, saying: ‘Referees have a tough job to do and it was heat of the moment stuff that happens in football.

‘The photo makes it look worse than it was and to be honest, the matter was finished with from my end as soon as I walked off the pitch.

‘I wasn’t looking for the referee to apologise; I wasn’t looking for him to be charged. There was never going to be a complaint from me and I made that clear.

‘Like I said, for me – it was finished with straight away.’  

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