Crouch relishing home history lessons and shows 'two-metre Peter' rule

‘The Normans, the Battle of Hastings – I’m tip top!’: Peter Crouch relishing history lessons with his eight-year-old as he urges fans to follow the ‘two-metre Peter’ rule to dodge coronavirus

  • Peter Crouch has been homeschooling his children due to coronavirus outbreak
  • Crouch showed off his history knowledge on BT Sport’s Early Kick-Off Show
  • The former striker made a ‘two-metre Peter’ to help with social distancing 
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Peter Crouch has been homeschooling his children due to the coronavirus outbreak and showing off his history skills in the process. 

The former Liverpool striker admitted to ‘enjoying being at home’ with his family after a hectic schedule since retirement last season.  

‘We’re all good, bizarrely I’ve been enjoying being at home,’ Crouch explained on BT Sport. 

Peter Crouch said he has been homeschooling his children and showing off his history skills

Crouch joined other pundits on the BT Sport Early Kick-Off and explained what he’s learned

‘I’ve been busy since retiring, nice at the moment just to calm down. loving time with the kids, out in the garden, home schooling, enjoying being a teacher.’

The 39-year-old also took the chance to show off his broad knowledge of primary school history lessons and said he is learning the subject alongside his eight-year-old child. 

‘I’m learning along with my eight-year-old at the moment. The Normans, the Battle of Hastings – what I don’t know. I’m tip top with times tables and a little bit of French.

Crouch explained he’s been enjoying the time at home with his family since a busy retirement

‘The Mott and Bailey castles, the Mott was the hill the castle was built on, the Baileys settlements of soliders before the moat. William the Conqueror, Harald took over from Edward the Confessor. He was illegitimate, William wanted to take over, we basically became the Normans for the time.

However, he then admitted: ‘That’s all I know. I didn’t take a lot of history out of my lessons.’

Due to the coronavirus outbreak that has seen the sporting world come to an abrupt halt, the UK and many other countries have been put under strict social distancing rules to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Crouch and his children came up with a rather hilarious rule that should help the public remain two metres apart from each other. 

Crouch and his family created the ‘two-metre Peter’ to help people with social distancing

‘It’s simple. you just need to stay a Peter Crouch apart, I’m over two metres. My kids came up with a plan, I start lying down, and they know where to be.’

‘The two metre Peter. Just stay that far away and everyone will be safe. If you need to be close to people, make sure it’s at least two metres.’

The BT Sport pundit also had a demonstration of a ‘two-metre Peter’ that his children had made out of numerous floor mops. 

Earlier in the week, Crouch revealed who the infamous ‘Parched’ was on his award-winning BBC podcast.  



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