Cristiano Ronaldo slammed for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules

Cristiano Ronaldo has been slammed for breaking the coronavirus lockdown after he was seen playing football at a stadium in Madeira.

The Portuguese superstar flew home last month to avoid the outbreak of the virus in Italy, where Juventus' season is suspended until further notice.

Juventus currently top the Serie A table by a point from closest rivals Lazio, whose director of communications, Arturo Diaconale, has suggested Ronaldo's recent behaviour is a sign of preferential treatment to the forward.

Diaconale told Radiosei: "Lazio’s position has always been to return to playing football in a safe atmosphere. If the Prime Minister says that we can return to training after May 3, we will all start organising for that.

"But the impression I have is that there is some favouritism. I am referring to the clubs to which their players are allowed to travel abroad, who will now return and do a quarantine period to return to training at the same time as those of Lazio.

"The difference is that we followed the rules and stayed at home, unlike others; I’ve seen videos from Portugal showing some marvellous images of Cristiano Ronaldo training out on a football pitch.

"Others have been able to train in peace abroad without restrictions, while we are not allowed to do the same in Italy."

Ronaldo has been largely sticking to the coronavirus lockdown guidelines from his luxury apartment in Funchal, which includes an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea.

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