BRIGHTON FAN VIEW: It's great to be home… we all missed the Amex

BRIGHTON FAN VIEW: It’s great to be home… we all missed meeting up with friends at the Amex and it felt safe inside the stadium. Now let’s hope fans can return all over the country

  • It was good to finally return to the Amex for Brighton’s friendly against Chelsea 
  • The atmosphere was strange with only 2,500 fans but that’s to be expected   
  • Stadium staff made us feel safe with temperature checks and hand santisers
  • Hopefully this test event can trigger fans returning to grounds across the UK 

It was so good to be back inside a stadium after nearly six months away.

We’ve all missed seeing live football. We’ve all missed meeting up with friends before the game. We’ve all missed the Albion.

The atmosphere was a little strange and the Amex was quieter than usual but that’s to be expected with fewer fans and social distancing. But it was still amazing to be back after so long. I think the players appreciated having the supporters back too. We felt safe.

Brighton fans enjoyed being back at the Amex for a 1-1 pre-season friendly against Chelsea 

Stadium staff made supporters feel safe with temperature checks and plenty of hand sanitiser

We all had our temperature taken outside the ground and there was plenty of hand sanitiser around too. 

You now have to bring identification with you along with your tickets. You had to wear face masks in the concourses unless you were eating and drinking, which made things a little complex, but thankfully they were not necessary in the stands where we were all spaced out. We looked like a chessboard.

I think most of the fans enjoyed being back. Yes, it is a little strange but it went well. Hopefully this means fans can start to return safely to stadiums all over the country.

It was a strange atmosphere but hopefully this can trigger fans returning to stadiums in the UK

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