Truth behind Matty’s ‘awkward’ interview

Matty Johns has revealed the truth behind his “awkward” interview with Aussie comedian Carl Barron last year.

The Newcastle Knights great, now a popular TV presenter and face of Fox Sports’ NRL coverage, spoke to Barron for about 15 minutes during his Sunday night show in a segment called “The Session”.

Johns came prepared with plenty of questions, asking about Barron’s first-stand up gig, how he handles hecklers, who his comedy idols were and when he decided to forge a career out of making people laugh.

The chat went to some weird and wonderful places. Barron talked about stuffing flowers down his pants before a gig only to pull them out later and see they’d “wilted”, constantly referenced seagulls’ eyebrows, quizzed Johns about whether he’s ever tried to look at his own eyeball in a mirror and pretended at one stage to be downright miserable.

Laughs flowed but so too did awkward pauses as Barron went off into a world of his own.

Speaking on The Matty Johns Podcast, the rugby league legend read out a message from a listener who claimed his chat with Barron was the “most awkward interview I’ve ever seen”.

But Johns pleaded his innocence, saying he’s not to blame for any awkwardness, instead suggesting Barron deliberately went to great lengths to make things seem a tad uncomfortable.

“I tell you what was funny, with the Carl Barron one, it took a lot of effort for Carl to be that awkward,” Johns said on his podcast.

“People have said, ‘Gee that was awkward, mate, was he just put on the spot?’

“No. Carl came to me and said, ‘What are you going to ask me?’ I told him twice, then I actually gave him a sheet with the questions and he went away and that’s what he came up with.”

Carl Barron’s mind works in funny ways.Source:Supplied

Comedic Instagram pages edited the interview to make it seem more cringe-worthy than it actually was, and people took the bait.

“I thought, ‘No, people aren’t that stupid (to believe the edit)’,” Johns said.

“People were, people actually believed the edit and I was getting messages on Instagram going, ‘I thought you were better than that’, which I’m not, and (people saying), ‘He (Barron) is obviously a really sad guy’.

“I’ve gone, mate, he prepared for that for two hours.”

Johns’ wife Trish then asked him whether he thinks comedians are always putting on a performance, even in situations where you’d expect them to be their natural selves.

“I would suggest comedians are great actors, that when they get up there on stage, nine times out of 10 it is very different to the person off the stage,” Johns said.

“It’s an act.”

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