NRL star Josh Reynolds finds love again after split with Arabella Del Busso

Josh Reynolds has spoken for the first time about his new love after a tumultuous split from controversial reality TV star Arabella Del Busso.

Reynolds has now confirmed earlier rumours he has moved on from his former partner, speaking openly about his relationship plans for the future.

The former Wests Tigers playmaker has told The Sun-Herald he is happy in his new relationship with 31-year-old mum Brittany Evans.

The pair were first spotted together in October in a day out with the Wollongong mother-of-two’s children Cooper and Cora, having already been dating for several months.

Josh Reynolds with new love Brittany Evans. Photo: Facebook.Source:Facebook

Brittany Evans posts an image on Facebook.Source:Facebook

Reynolds earlier this year went through the ringer in his public separation from his model ex-girlfriend following an appearance on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes where they spoke out against each other.

The story involved accusations of fake pregnancies and violence during a rocky relationship and messy split, including extraordinary video footage of Reynolds yelling at his former partner during a tirade in which she claimed she was pushed against a wall.

Reynolds was accused of assaulting Del Busso, whose real name is Donna Preusker, but the charges were dropped in late February.

Latest Instagram pics of Arabella del Busso. Source: Instagram @littlebelsySource:Instagram

He’s finally moving on from the anguish of the relationship.

Even with the former NSW State of Origin star being forced to move to the other side of the world after signing a rich three-year contract with English Super League club Hull, he is certain the relationship with Evans will work.

“I’m very happy now,” he said. “And going to Hull has one down side, that she can’t be there with me the whole time.

“She gets it. She knows it’s what I need for my career. She understands me. That’s why she is a keeper.”

He said Evans will regularly travel to the UK for visits, determined to make the relationship work while she juggles shared custody of her children with their father.

Josh Reynolds and Arabella Del Busso, supplied.Source:Supplied

Reynolds turbulent relationship with Del Busso had taken another dramatic twist in October when she spoke openly during an interrogation on hit TV show SAS Australia about the accusations she faked three pregnancies.

“I told my partner that I had a pregnancy scare, and I showed it to him and said it was ours, when in fact, it wasn’t our scan at all,” an emotional Del Busso said on the show.

“I have told a lie but the way that I see it, is not going to hurt anyone. I’m sure we all do it. I’m honestly not the only person here or there.

Josh Reynolds takes a swipe at Arabella Del BussoSource:Supplied

Latest Instagram pics of Arabella del Busso. Photo: Instagram @littlebelsySource:Instagram

“People will judge me no matter what but they haven’t lived my life, they don’t know the extent of things that I’ve been through.”

Reynolds responded to Del Busso’s claims that her lies didn’t hurt anyone in an Instagram post where he wrote: “White lies are sweet right.”

Del Busso earlier this year denied she faked three pregnancies.

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Reynolds’ legal team argued in court that Del Busso “faked” three pregnancies and duped him out of thousands of dollars over a web of lies including the false death of her own mother.

The first time Del Busso told Reynolds she was pregnant was following a one-night stand. She said she miscarried twice and terminated the third pregnancy due to the pair’s souring relationship.

But Reynolds said he had a suspicion things weren’t right from the outset when Del Busso struggled to provide an ultrasound.

In his interview with 60 Minutes, Reynolds said: “I feel silly but she played with my emotions.

“The last nine weeks, since I was charged, have been one of the most tumultuous and difficult periods of my life.”

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