Wolff tears into F1 cars and shares what he thinks of Red Bull’s model

F1 preview: A lap of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has heavily criticised modern F1 cars and claims that those vehicles that win races are simply the ‘least rubbish’ – such as Red Bull’s model. The 51-year-old has been incredibly vocal about numerous matters since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, though few may have been able to predict such a harsh attack on the sport.

New regulations, introduced last year, have caused a stir within the industry and Wolff has claimed that the rules – implemented with the intention of making the sport more entertaining – has been far from successful.

Speaking after Red Bull’s Sergio Perez’s victory on Sunday, Wolff said: “Generally, ground-effect cars are rubbish cars, it is just who has the least rubbish is ahead.”

The labelling of Red Bull’s model as the ‘least rubbish’ will certainly raise some eyebrows, though one may interpret the Mercedes chief as conceding that his car is currently not the best in the business.

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He continued: “You can see their car is barely moving, be it on straights or over bumps. Corner-through balance looks easy. We either have to do a better job all of us together to catch them or change the regulations, and I don’t think we should be doing the second one. We just need to win on merit and that means being more clever than Red Bull.”

Though Wolff’s criticism of the regulations over the past few days did not stop there, with the Austrian claiming that the Azerbaijan GP was the perfect example of why drastic change is required to prevent further ‘boring’ spectacles. In a power-packed post-race interview, he said: “Today wasn’t a thriller, just no overtaking, it made it not great entertainment.

“It needs the tough battles, and I think the highlight [in the sprint] was George (Russell) and Max (Verstappen) being able to battle it out. There was none of that in the main race. Even if you are within 0.2 of a second, it is nearly impossible to overtake unless the other driver makes a mistake.

“We need to really look at it, we need to look at how we can avoid just a boring race. It’s about understanding why it was not entertaining. We have two cars that are sailing off into the sunset on merit and then we have a 20-second gap.” Verstappen followed Perez home at the Baku City Circuit, with Charles Leclerc completing the front three to bounce back from his disappointing DNF in Australia.

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