World Juniors standings: Updated scores, results for every 2022 IIHF hockey game

The 2022 IIHF World Juniors is officially underway in Alberta, Canada. 

10 teams from around the world were divided into two-five team groups and are set to compete through Jan. 5 in pursuit of a gold medal. Although the pre-tournament games were canceled, the 2022 World Juniors tournament began with the first matchup between Finland and Germany on Sunday, Dec. 26. 

Despite being mandated to a five-day quarantine period upon arrival, a few teams had COVID-19 outbreaks that forced the pre-tournament schedule changes. With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases worldwide, the Canadian government implemented additional restrictions in an attempt to limit the spread. The tournament will go on barring any last-minute announcements.  

Before making the trip to Alberta, Team Canada and Team USA both released their rosters. A full tournament schedule with results from each matchup can be found below. 

This page will serve as a daily guide to the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship from puck drop till the gold medal is handed out.

Follow along for live scores, updates and a full TV schedule from every game, every day. 

World Juniors standings 2022

Teams that win in regulation will automatically be awarded three points. Teams that tie in regulation will both be awarded one point, but the overtime winner is awarded two points. Teams that lose in regulation will not earn points. 

Group A

Group B

World Juniors scores, results

Preliminary Round

Final Rounds

World Juniors schedule 2022

Sunday, Dec. 26

Monday, Dec. 27 

Tuesday, Dec. 28 

Wednesday, Dec. 29 

Thursday, Dec. 30 

Friday, Dec. 31 

Sunday, Jan. 2

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Wednesday, Jan. 5

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