WFT DT Allen swings at teammate on sideline

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Washington Football Team defensive tackles Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne had to be separated on the sidelines during Sunday’s game vs. the Dallas Cowboys after Allen took a swing at his former Alabama teammate.

The two WFT players were sitting next to one another on the bench after an eight-play, 75-yard drive by Dallas early in the second quarter that resulted in their third touchdown in a row to take a 28-7 lead.

TV cameras showed Payne and Allen talking to one another. Payne was looking at Allen, who was looking straight ahead. Then Payne, now standing, jabbed a finger into the side of Allen’s head. At that point, Allen stood up, swatted Payne’s hand away with his left hand and took a swing with his right — connecting slightly to the side of Payne’s face.

The players were then separated by three teammates with line coach Sam Mills, Jr., getting in the middle. Payne remained upset while seated on the bench, with Allen was seated nearby. Players kept coming up to Payne, trying to calm him down.

Both players were on the field alongside one another on the ensuing series.

Washington entered Sunday night’s contest having lost its last two games.

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