Updated Super Bowl odds 2020: Chiefs, 49ers, Buccaneers among the top Super Bowl 55 contenders

Imagine taking the latest odds to win Super Bowl 55 into a time machine and heading back to the end of last NFL season. Nobody would question the defending-champion Chiefs atop the odds board, nor would anybody have second thoughts about the Ravens, Saints and 49ers behind them.

But the Buccaneers entering the 2020 NFL season with the fifth best odds to win Super Bowl 55, which is scheduled to be played in Tampa Bay? That would have been met with laughter at best.

The Bucs are in this position, of course, because of Tom Brady’s arrival in free agency. The Patriots are still a top 10 team on the Super Bowl odds board despite Brady’s departure in part because they signed Cam Newton to replace him. (That’s another fun nugget of info to take with you in the time machine.)

Below are the complete updated odds to win Super Bowl 55, which is still scheduled to take place Feb. 7.

Updated Super Bowl odds for 2020

There’s an understandable wide gap between the NFL’s top two teams on the odds board and the rest of the field. Kansas City lost very little from its Super Bowl roster, making it an easy favorite. Baltimore won 14 regular-season games last year before it was upset by Tennessee in the playoffs, and like the Chiefs, the Ravens are returning most of their key players.

The Saints and 49ers are tied at third on the board as the two best teams in the NFC in terms of their Super Bowl odds. The aforementioned Buccaneers, though, are right on their tails.

Below is the complete odds board, courtesy of Sports Insider.

While the Patriots still have better odds to win the Super Bowl than those of the Bills, interestingly, Buffalo has the best odds to win the AFC East at +110 over New England at +150. The Bills also have better AFC championship odds than the Patriots, +1000 to +1400. On that board, Buffalo is behind only Kansas City and Baltimore.

The Chiefs are the strongest favorites in any division of the NFL at -450 to win the AFC West.

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