Peyton Manning wears brother Eli’s Ole Miss jersey on ‘Monday Night Football’ after Tennessee loss to Rebels

For the first time this season, Peyton and Eli Manning’s football rivalry broke through in a big way during the ManningCast of “Monday Night Football.”

No, not between the Giants and Colts/Broncos, but between the Ole Miss Rebels and Tennessee Volunteers. Their latest broadcast opened with Peyton Manning sporting his younger brother’s Ole Miss jersey, which neither brother acknowledged until three or four minutes into the broadcast. Eli Manning finally broke the tension when he complimented his brother’s style.

“I lost a bet, folks. Ole Miss beat Tennessee two weeks ago,” Peyton Manning said. “That was the bet: The loser had to wear the other guy’s jersey. I thought throwing six interceptions was tough against the Chargers, but having to wear an Ole Miss jersey on national TV, having to broadcast the Saints-Seattle game, two teams that beat me in the Super Bowl, it just doesn’t get any better than this, (Eli).”

The bet only lasts for one half, however, as Eli Manning noted on Twitter on Oct. 16.

Of course, Eli Manning took great pleasure in remarking how tight the jersey looked on Peyton. He also used the opportunity to throw a big-head joke at his older brother:

For those who don’t remember: The Manning brothers took a three-week hiatus from broadcasting “Monday Night Football,” during which time Tennessee and Ole Miss faced off in Neyland Stadium. The game was hotly contested, as Rebels coach Lane Kiffin made his first return to Knoxville as a head coach. It was a 31-26 win for the Rebels, though that wasn’t the biggest story from the night by a long shot.

Late in the game, officials ruled a Tennessee player just short of the line to gain on fourth-and-24. That stirred the hometown crowd into a frenzy, as fans in the stadium forced the game to be delayed for 20 minutes after pelting Kiffin and Co. with trash.

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