Just a bit outside: Dodgers’ Kelly shatters window

Some major league pitchers are working on adding to their repertoire during the pandemic, while others are using the down time to help with projects around the house.

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly accidentally found a way to do both at the same time on Wednesday.

In an Instagram Live video posted by his wife, Kelly was working on a changeup in his backyard, throwing at a bull’s-eye in a large enclosed target. One throw, however, got away from him, missing the target completely to the right and shattering a window to his house.

“Wondering how quarantine is going?” Ashley Kelly asks in the video while panning to the broken bedroom window. “Joe was working on a changeup.

“That’s cool,” she said after another piece of glass fell away from the window. “Rad.”

It is not the first time that Kelly has made headlines for odd reasons. Kelly, who signed a three-year, $25 million deal with the Dodgers prior to the 2019 season, was scratched from a spring training appearance last year after he hurt his back after standing too long while cooking cajun food.

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