Indianapolis Colts the ‘most complete team in NFL’, says owner Jim Irsay

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay believes his team are the most “complete” in the NFL as they look to try and claim the AFC South division title in the final two weeks of the regular season.

The Colts are 10-4 on the season, tied with the Tennessee Titans, who own the tiebreaker between the two teams to see them in pole position for the division currently.

But Irsay could not be happier with what he is seeing from his team, ahead of games at the Pittsburgh Steelers – live on Sky Sports NFL on Sunday, 6pm – and against the Jacksonville Jaguars to close out the season.

“We’re so excited. And we control the things we can control,” Irsay told NFL Network. “We couldn’t control not having any nationally televised games at home this year, which was a disappointment.

“We couldn’t control DeForest [Buckner] not getting the Pro Bowl. But we control that 60 minutes, and in that 60 minutes no one can take anything from us.

“That’s our time. We know when we go into that 60 minutes that’s how we’re going to define ourselves. And we’re taking it one game at a time.

“But I have a special feeling about this team, I really do. I think it’s the most complete team in the league. I believe that.

“There’s other teams and players in other positions that may be greater so to speak, but the three phases of the game – special teams, defence and offence – and you put it all together, I really love this football team.

“And we’re doing things now in December that we couldn’t do in September. I don’t think we go to the [Las Vegas] Raiders and beat them on the road the way we did if that was September.

“We have two more to go and we’ll see. It’s so tough being in the [AFC] conference. You could be like the one-time New England, who were 11-5, and not make the playoffs this year.

“The way to solve that for us would be to go 12-4, which is win the next two.”

Elaborating on Buckner, and the defensive tackle’s omission from the 2021 Pro Bowl squad, Irsay elaborated on his surprise at learning his prized offseason acquisition didn’t earn the honour.

Buckner has made a significant impact on the Colts’ defence, since arriving via a trade from the San Francisco 49ers, recording 52 tackles, 7.5 sacks, eight tackles for loss and 24 QB hits – and his absence in a key loss to Tennessee in Week 12 made his value even more noticeable.

“I thought it was April not Christmas for April Fool’s,” Irsay said. “We follow DeForest. He’s our T-Rex.

“Trust me, when you’re in the huddle and you see a guy like that next to you, you’re going like ‘it’s cool, this play is going to be ok’.

“To see someone 300 pounds who moves like a small linebacker or safety it’s remarkable; hopefully he’ll do what Darius [Leonard] did and not make Pro Bowl but make All-Pro because I can’t imagine him not making All-Pro.”

Watch the Indianapolis Colts at the Pittsburgh Steelers, live on Sky Sports NFL from 6pm on Sunday.

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