Hunter Henry seems excited for Chargers offense without Philip Rivers

Hunter Henry is excited for life after Philip Rivers.

In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Los Angeles Chargers tight end opened up on the state of the LA offense and the next era of Chargers football. While Henry went out of his way to offer praise for his now former QB, it sounds like he’s ready for the next phase of the LA O.

“I’m not going to downplay Philip at all,” Henry told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “He was unreal and a Hall of Fame quarterback. But, obviously, it opens our offense up a little bit more. You see all these quarterbacks, their escapability in the pocket. …

“[There are] so many different things that you can do with a mobile quarterback that can open your offense. [I’m] looking forward to seeing that aspect of our offense grow.”

Rivers ranks high among the all-time great Charger QBs and is one of the top passers of this generation. If he had a ring, he’d likely be sure-fire bet for Canton. LA enters the 2020 NFL season with Tyrod Tyler the presumed starter, with No. 6 overall pick Justin Herbert entering his rookie year. 

No one particularly blames the Chargers for moving on from Rivers, and with the league heading for more mobile quarterbacks with the ability to pass on the run, outside of the pocket, it’s no surprise to see Los Angeles want to hitch their wagon to a quarterback that fits that bill. While Henry went out of his way not to offer disrespect to Rivers, it still feels a little disrespectful, even if not his intent.

After all, Rivers is three TDs shy of 400 for his career and passed for 4,615 yards last season, despite finishing with a disappointing 5-11 record. While the Chargers have been pretty average overall during the Rivers era, not all of that is on his shoulders.

Obviously, the idea of having a multi-faceted quart is cool, but you still have to execute. So we’ll see if the new-look Chargers offense will, in fact, be better underneath either Taylor or Herbert than it was a potential Hall of Fame QB.

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