How long is Mike Trout out? Injury timeline, return date, latest updates on Angels outfielder

There will be one less Angel in the outfield for the foreseeable future.

Los Angeles star Mike Trout has been placed on the injured list with a calf strain, an injury that occurred in the first inning of the May 17 matchup vs. Cleveland.

Rounding third on a popup, Trout was visibly limping heading to the dugout, and headed straight for the clubhouse afterward. Trout was upset with whatever was bugging him.

It’s, unfortunately, the latest in a string of injuries for Trout, who has missed time with injuries in the last four seasons, including a calf strain to the same muscle in 2019. He didn’t miss a lot of time then, but he will now.

Here’s what happened and when you can expect to see Trout back on the diamond:

How long will Mike Trout be out?

On May 18, the Angels announced that Trout would be out 6-8 weeks while recovering from a right calf strain. That leaves him in a window of mid-July to return, more likely August, depending on rehab games he will need to play before his return.

 In 2019, Trout missed a few games with an injury to the same calf, but this time around, it’s a much more severe injury.

What is Mike Trout’s injury?

Trout is dealing with a Grade 2 calf strain, the medium-level of severity in regards to the injury. Surgery typically isn’t needed, and in Trout’s case, definitely is not needed.

Recovery time for most is one to two months. The Angels placed a two-month max on Trout to return to the field, meaning expect to see him around July or early August.

Mike Trout injury timeline

May 17: In the first inning of a matchup vs. Cleveland, an inning-ending popup is hit to shortstop. Trout, heading into third base, slowed up and subsequently limped to the dugout. 

“When I put my head down, I thought I got hit by the ball,” Trout said via “I thought I got hit by like a line drive. … And then I got to the bag and then I said, ‘Man, something’s not right.’

“And then I felt a pop and then I went down to the tunnel, made sure it wasn’t my Achilles, so I mean, I guess if there’s any positive coming out of it, it’s that it wasn’t my Achilles because that’s what scared me when it first happened. It was just a freak thing.”

Trout wouldn’t return to the game. 

May 18: The Angels announce that Trout is heading to the 10-day IL with a calf strain. They place a timeline of six-to-eight weeks, which will put him in a return window of late June to July, barring rehab games.

Mike Trout injury updates

May 18: Trout is placed on the 10-day injured list. He’s expected to miss 6-8 weeks while recovering from a Grade 2 calf strain.

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